Sunday, January 23, 2011


Welcome to Widlarizing. For those unfamilar with the term "Widlarize", might I draw your attention to the following definition:

"But there were times when Bob would discover he had wasted a day or two, just because one bad part had screwed up his circuit. He would bring this bad part -- a capacitor, a pot, a transistor, an IC, or whatever -- over to the vise and lay it on the anvil part. Then he would calmly, methodically beat it with a hammer until the smallest remaining part was indistinguishable from the dust on the floor. Then he would go back to work and get the right answer. He explained that it makes you feel much better if you do this, and, you know that bad part will never come around again and goof you up. He was right." 

I consider this to be an appropriate basis for my blog as I am a computer engineer, and am often faced with frustrating situations which end up boiling down into some insignificant little niggle which could've been resolved in all of five seconds. Thus, the purpose for this blog be for me to ramble, rant, rave and "Widlarize", essentially an outlet for me to organise my thoughts and share them with others (hopefully someone finds them interesting).

Although I want to remain as anonymous as possible, a little about myself: I'm a young computer engineering student located in Australia. I will have my degree by the end of 2012.  My interests are focused predominantly on electronics, networking, programming and operating systems. I am an avid user (and enthusiast) of the Linux operating system (specifically the Debian project). Thus, many of my blog postings will be of a technical nature. But, I have other things which I wish to express which aren't technology related of a more personal nature. Hopefully someone finds it interesting.

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